IT Service Management

Corporate IT solutions require a IT service management solution with a set of procedures which is followed by Testlabs employees and clients.

Our partber, TurnkeyLinux provide the OTRS appliance, ITSM is a scalable, high-performance, enterprise-grade IT Service Management (ITSM) solution that couples the best practices of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL v3) with the proven power of OTRS. ITSM is a powerful set of tools for managing complex IT administration processes, reducing business risk and ensuring high service quality.

We use OTRS ITSM as one of the fundamental solution for our own IT Service Management platforms. Based on ITIL best practices, it provides management tools for request and incident management, problem management, change management and release management.

ITSM Benefits

  • 50% faster roll-out time
  • 75% decrease in downtime
  • 95% gain in visibility into IT spend
  • 30% increase in staff efficiency
  • Automate IT service management across cloud and hybrid delivery environments
  • Integrate processes across IT operations for faster problem resolution and service fulfillment
  • Mitigate risk by enforcing IT process controls, capturing all related activities
  • Enable end-user self service, reducing demands on tier-one support
  • Provide reports proving effective delivery of services and demonstrating business value
    Enlarged screenshot of HP IT Service Management

Incident Management

OTRS ITSM facilitates efficient processing and management of IT service incidents to minimize the impact of IT incidents and provide customers detailed information on incident resolution.

Problem Management

Use ITIL-compatible problem management tools and processes for root cause analysis, business impact assessment and problem resolution. It includes trend analysis and knowledge sharing tools, allowing IT administrators to proactively identify problem areas and reduce repeat incidents.

Request Fulfilment

OTRS ITSM supports ITIL-compliant request fulfillment management processes, allowing IT administrators to define and populate a service catalog, fulfill service requests and resolve related incidents. It facilitate request management and processing through flexible modeling of service hierarchies & classification, auto escalation and unlocking mechanisms.

Change Management

OTRS ITSM offers a complete set of ITIL-compatible change management processes to ensure  all IT infrastructure changes are handled in compliance with existing Service Level Agreements (SLAs). All common functions, including request registration, analysis, approval, monitoring and reporting are supported

Service Asset and Configuration Management

OTRS ITSM enables enterprise-wide service asset and configuration management, making it possible to formally record and manage configuration items (CIs), their relations and inter-dependencies. A powerful workflow engine ensures that changes are executed only with proper authorizations and approvals, and the system maintains a complete record of all configuration changes for audit or analysis.

Knowledge Management

Capture service resolution and history in OTRS ITSM's easy-to-access knowledge base. The knowledge base serves as a tool for faster problem resolution and allows reduced training time for new and existing employees. It also prevents knowledge from leaving the organization when an employee departs.


Integrate OTRS ITSM with your existing IT Service Management environment to guarantee a seamless and cross-process management of your customers' requests.

Improve Quality of Service

Improve IT responsiveness

OTRS ITSM enhances Quality of Service with improved IT responsiveness, increased first call resolution and decreased Mean-Time-To-Resolution with automation.

Increase end-user satisfaction rates

With OTRS ITSM, organizations improve customer satisfaction rates, exceed service level expectations and reduce risk with predictive monitoring and policy-based configuration management.

Assure Quality of Service

OTRS ITSM enables businesses to cut downtime significantly and to decrease service-impacting events, assuring high Quality of Service.

Increase Business Impact

Achieve faster time-to-market

Service providers can increase business value by rolling out new services significantly faster, managing their IT delivery with OTRS ITSM.

Fully leverage the value of IT

Properly managed IT improves staff utilization for all departments, not only within the IT department. OTRS ITSM is the foundation for well-managed IT service delivery.

Enable cross-department efficiency

OTRS ITSM enables a strategic alignment between IT departments and the business units they serve. Our unified IT service management tools enable cross department goals and functions.

Manage Risk

Eliminate manual errors

Reduce service interruptions and the risk of human error by automating repetitive and manual tasks. The built-in intelligent alarm management of OTRS ITSM eliminates manual errors.

Reduce failover time

OTRS ITSM helps businesses prevent outages and reduce failover time for disaster recovery. It adapts to key business processes that allow service organizations to anticipate issues and quickly restore service.

Implement control points

Service organizations reduce mean time to repair and minimize unplanned outages by integrating the approval, implementation, and verification steps of deploying IT changes with workflow management tools available in OTRS ITSM.

Reduce IT Costs

Reduce support costs

Service delivery costs are proactively managed and reduced by decreasing failed changes and restoring service faster. OTRS ITSM significantly optimizes IT costs by improving staff efficiency.

Successfully manage the IT lifecycle

OTRS ITSM reduces the cost of planning, delivering, and managing IT services across your entire organization. Costly disruptions can be avoided or handled at maximum speed.