Cloud Storage

Testlabs Cloud Storage

Our Cloud servers perform better then most physical servers; this is because storage is directly connected to EMC storage arrays. Our virtualized guest are capable of using the following protocols:

  • Fibre Channel
  • iSCSI
  • NFS
  • GFS2
  • CIFS

Cloud Primary/Secondary Storage:

EMC Clariion Provides us with Dedupe, Cloud and EFD SSDs.

FAST—Fully Automated Storage Tiering 

The next generation of storage tiering. FAST automates the movement and placement of data across storage resources as needs change over time. FAST enables continuous optimization of your applications by eliminating trade-offs between capacity and performance, while lowering cost and delivering higher service levels at the same time.

Based on EMC heat index charts, a before and after picture of a FAST implementation would look like this.

Basic Zone Primary Storage.

It is served from High Availability EMC SAN's with 1GB's network.

In a basic zone, this is where your virtual machine is stored.

Basic/Advanced Zone Secondary Storage.

HA EMC SAN's with 1G/s NFS/CIFS.

This is where snapshots, ISO's, templates and backups are stored. It is served from High Availability EMC SAN's with 1GB's network. secondary Storage is NFS as high speed block storage is generally not required.

Advanced Zone Cluster Primary Storage

HA EMC SAN's with 8G/s Fibre channel, GFS2, CLVM.
In an advanced zone , this is where your virtual machine is stored and runs from.

Here is an example of our advanced zone cluster. We utilize advanced clustered file systems such as GFS2 with CLVM to provide the fastest possible block storage to the cloud server. CLVM performance is 10x faster then using a shared GFS2 file system. Both methods provide reliable clustered storage.