Advanced Cloud Instance

CloudPlatform powered by Apache CloudStack 



Enterprises and cloud providers have focused most of their initialcloud strategies on Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). However more and more end users are now embracing 3rd-party business and personal cloud services in the workplace through grass rootsprojects, ad hoc adoption and consumerization. In response, IT is redefining cloud strategies to expand from basic infrastructure toan all-encompassing IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) model so they can centrally manage and deliver a broad array of cloud or IT services.


Control and easily manage massively scalable, secure cloud storage

  • Rapidly deliver a cloud storage service to your employees, business units or partners
  • Provide a simple self-service catalogue for point-and-click provisioning
  • Ensure compliance and security from user management to storage access
  • Seamlessly integrates with your other Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager services

Service Providers

Offer a cloud storage service more robust than Amazon S3

  • Differentiate cloud storage services by offering customizable SLAs, compliance and governance features
  • Decrease storage operating costs with an industry-leading 98% disk utilization and adaptive power conservation technology
  • Reduce complexity by combining Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager service and user management with Caringo plug-and-play scale

Easy to Manage, Scalable Storage for Cloud Orchestration

Citrix CloudPlatform, powered by Apache CloudStack, is the industry's only future-proofed, application-centric cloud solution proven to reliably orchestrate both cloud-native workloads such as BigData or webscale applications as well as existing enterprise workloads such as database-driven applications within a single unified cloud management platform. Caringo object storage software can be used as a massively scalable, easy to manage repository for ISOs, Templates and snapshots.

  • Simple integration - Use the Caringo CloudScaler's S3 API or Citrix CloudPlatform's S3 API to write directly to Caringo Swarm.
  • Easy to manage and scale - 1 general system administrator can manage over 10 petabytes of Caringo storage. Caringo software boots from bare metal and there is absolutely no provisioning. Simply plug in new servers and the capacity as automatically added and available.
  • Reduce cloud storage infrastructure costs - Leverage up to 98% disk utilization and adaptive power conservation that can reduce power and cooling up to 80%.
  • Enterprise features - Supports replication and erasure coding data protection, active and passive recovery, automated data lifecycle management, WORM and guaranteed data integrity.

Bring IaaS cloud services to market

Transform generic cloud IaaS components into complete cloud solutions and profitable businesses. CloudPortal Business Manager provides automated BSS/OSS capabilities in order to monetize the cloud by onboarding customers, managing accounts and processing invoices and payments.

Built for cloud-scale success

The rapid growth and commoditization of hosted services is forcing service providers to look for scalable, automated and economical solutions to maintain competitiveness. CloudPortal Business Manager enables you to quickly bring differentiated solutions to market to, protect customer mindshare and market position.

Enable rapid onboarding

Eliminate costly and time consuming manual account provisioning, management and administration workflows by automating operations. Self-service capabilities let your customers manage their own accounts, freeing you to focus on strategic projects without adding more staff.

Mange multi-hypervisor clouds that give your customers the freedom to choose the right hypervisor for their workloads including Citrix XenServer, Oracle VM, KVM and VMware vSphere.

Account management

Use a simple web portal to setup new accounts, manage accounts (CRM), monitor activity, report usage and open trouble tickets. Different account types can be setup including customers, partners, resellers and trials.

Cloud services automation

Automate customer and back-end setup, provisioning and adds-moves-changes of your cloud services portfolio. CloudPortal lets you efficiently deliver and manage a complete hosting solution including cloud infrastructure, enterprise and line-of-business applications, desktops and IT services.

Customer self-service and delegated control

Empower customers with self-service so they can shop for cloud services and perform day-to-day account management without calling tech support. Granular, delegate access ensures the right level of control for all cloud users—customers, resellers and partners.

Dashboards, metering and billing

Give customers and partners a complete view into their cloud so they can track usage, view available services, monitor system health and receive notifications. Automated billing calculates usage, generates invoices and processes payments.